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Kerr Group / Northern BI Logos


Introducing a renamed company and logo for a member of the Dartmouth based Kerr Group of companies.


Cameron Jantzen: Creative Direction, Design
Anna Ramsay: Design
Lizane Tan: Production


Kerr Global was founded from a business need at Frontier Technologies, another Kerr Group company, for fleet tracking information. Born out of necessity, the naming and brand was largely unplanned. With several years under its belt, a great value proposition and a growing client list, it became time to relaunch the company with a stronger focus. Kerr worked with Alexandra Orozco of Earthlogic on brand positioning and naming, and Rarebird was brought in to turn that great work into a visual expression. The goal was to balance a blue chip feel with a modern, technologically savvy company that simplifies complex problems. At the same time, we were asked to refine the Kerr Group logo, so that it sat comfortably with both Northern BI and Frontier Technologies. The approach was to present Kerr Group as the strong, quiet, reassuring backer for both companies. Much like you might see the hidden 'N' in the symbol, Northern BI sees the important information in the data.