Iris Pro Photo Booth Brand


Rarebird was tasked with creating a brand language for a Millenial target market promoting ‘a professional product for serious use’ while emphasizing the actual product as ‘a fun and easy activity’. In addition, the booth (originally designed in a cylindrical format as shown below) must stand out in crowded and visually busy malls and university campus common spaces.

Use of a 5 step process illustration, with key words to quickly gain understanding is a key brand element on booth and in marketing materials. We also focussed energy on re-engineering the in-booth user experience and UI to ensure ease-of-use and promote recommendations.

Take Out Nova Scotia


Take Out Nova Scotia was a local startup working to build a network of restaurants connecting restaurants and people hungry for takeout with an easy to use interface. Unfortunately the project was cut short due to owner relocation.

We’re still proud of the design work, with the logo featuring the diner-ization of the Nova Scotia Shield of Arms, both in colour and form. We also worked with them to to visually simplify the site and make it easy to use.

Rollie’s Plumbing & Heating


Upon moving into our new studio on Agricola Street, we got to know our neighbour, Rollie and his team. We noticed his logo and signage could use some love so we got to talking and worked on giving Rollie a new brand presence that reflected his bright and bubbly personality, and the classic, old-school service and professionalism with which his team does business.

Dalhousie Global Health Office Postcards


The Dalhousie Global Health Office is a small department with an important, wide-ranging set of mandates, from helping medical students have good overseas experiences to encouraging African-Nova Scotian enrolment in medical programs, administering certification of foreign trained doctors and running an incoming exchange program with overseas universities.

Each focus was unique, complicated and targeting a distinct audience. Yet the Office needed the postcard designs to stand out, giving them a bigger voice and presence on campus as well. The answer was some simple graphic consistency, good copywriting and big type highlighting key words while getting all the required small type in.