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Hand Maiden Fine Yarn Brand


Started in 2005, Hand Maiden Fine Yarn is a family business proudly employing emerging artists with a flair for dyeing custom colours. Hand Maiden specializes in luxury hand dyed yarns that celebrate the natural characteristics of exquisite fibres.


Cameron Jantzen: Creative Director
Anna Ramsay: Illustration & Web Design
Lizane Tan: Design & Production
David Lewis: Web Development


Completed: October 2014

In developing a labelling system for a hand dyeing company selling high end yarns for knitters, we strove to reflect the tactility of the yarn and include a process like theirs, with an organic nature. For stock we picked a real felt paper, and to match the irregularity, we created large areas of thermography which provides an organic final result. Check out our tags featured on For Print Only. The Hand Maiden website was designed to highlight the subtle characteristics of each yarn and the luscious colours they're dyed in.