NSCC Sustainability


The NSCC department of Sustainability was in search for a new look and a more compelling identity to speak to their audiences. Rarebird was provided with initial concept and branding direction in the form of a pinwheel/windmill motif, representing the different pillars of Sustainability at NSCC – Environment, Economy, Community.

Our challenge was to create a mark that fit with NSCC brand standards and colour palette, featured the pillars but also added in green to more directly relate sustainability. It was also important to have a cost-effective design for creating student and staff materials such as reusable mugs, recycled notebooks and eco-friendly t-shirts. While using a pinwheel/windmill we also need to make the symbol feel like it was about all the pillars, not just renewable energy.

As students were a critical audience, it was important to come up with a solution within the constraints that was engaging and attractive enough connect and compel them to purchase merchandize.

By creating a logo that extends to an expandable pattern we created a dynamic, energetic identity that strengthens the overall brand. It’s flexibility makes it perform at it’s best in wide-ranging environments, from full wrap full-colour coffee mugs, to small, no-colour embossed notebooks.

Bend Skincare


Upon spinning off Ascenta Skin, Marc St-Onge asked Rarebird to reimagine what was internally perceived as the ugly duckling in Ascenta Health’s natural health portfolio into a white swan properly aligned with the independent spa and beauty market. Taking full advantage of the this potential catalyst for growth, Rarebird undertook a full repositioning and branding exercise, creating an engaging presence tuned for relaunch into the beauty sector.

Andra Motion Focus


Launching a revolutionary product on a tight four month timeline, including product and booth build, Rarebird pulled together a compelling brand strategy that addressed DSLR users, 1st ACs, DOPs/Directors and Producers, using three benefit pillars: creativity, accuracy and efficiency. The brand was built for ‘gearheads’ who need products that won’t let them down on four brand principles: innovative, user friendly, robust and trustworthy.

This year, after months of continued development and feedback from testers, Andra returns to NAB 2015 with a new product, the Arc Elite and with stronger and more intuitive interface graphics.