Iris Pro Photo Booth Brand


Rarebird was tasked with creating a brand language for a Millenial target market promoting ‘a professional product for serious use’ while emphasizing the actual product as ‘a fun and easy activity’. In addition, the booth (originally designed in a cylindrical format as shown below) must stand out in crowded and visually busy malls and university campus common spaces.

Use of a 5 step process illustration, with key words to quickly gain understanding is a key brand element on booth and in marketing materials. We also focussed energy on re-engineering the in-booth user experience and UI to ensure ease-of-use and promote recommendations.

Shambhala Sun Magazine Digital Edition


The award-winning Shambhala Sun magazine is known for its editorial quality and outstanding design. Rarebird was asked to convert their brand new print design into their first Apple Newsstand iPad and iPhone app template and issues.

Our brief was to create a true readers’ magazine, ensuring a seamless experience between print and digital, while taking delicate and intuitive advantage of the new interactive capabilities. Using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, DPS, we created 3 templates, one for iPad, and two for iPhone in different screen sizes.

The Shambhala Sun App stands confidently on its own and together with its print twin. The March 2015 issue is free to try and the May 2015 issue is out now on the Newsstand. Check it out!

Andra Motion Focus


Launching a revolutionary product on a tight four month timeline, including product and booth build, Rarebird pulled together a compelling brand strategy that addressed DSLR users, 1st ACs, DOPs/Directors and Producers, using three benefit pillars: creativity, accuracy and efficiency. The brand was built for ‘gearheads’ who need products that won’t let them down on four brand principles: innovative, user friendly, robust and trustworthy.

This year, after months of continued development and feedback from testers, Andra returns to NAB 2015 with a new product, the Arc Elite and with stronger and more intuitive interface graphics.