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Made with Local Real Food Bars


Real Food Bars are truly, really made with love, and are making a tangible social and economic impact on our community, every day. Rarebird captured that positive vibe and made the good times stand out.


Cameron Jantzen: Creative Direction, Design
Lizane Tan: Design & Production
Nicholas Hanlon: Design & Production

Made with Local built an amazing brand with great creative assets. Starting out at the Seaport Market, their Real Food Bars quickly gained a loyal following that soon grew from cult status. The packaging story, personally told, was magic.

But once Sobeys came calling, Real Food Bars needed to reach out to a larger audience, who likely wasn't familiar with their product. Unfortunately, it was pretty hard to tell what Real Food Bars even were, the product description was tiny.

Rarebird set out to create a new packaging standard that (in no particular order):
a) felt like home to the current customer
b) was easy to use as a platform for new products
c) stood out on shelf
d) magnified the best parts of the brand (we call them the little dudes)
e) elevated us above the 'DIY' brand trend
f) got all the little details right, like typesetting the ingredients
g) was easy to create new flavours
h) spoke quickly to the uninitiated.

In short, we nailed it. From our initial Sobeys trial, Real Food Bars listings have grown and grown. The packaging platform was extended successfully to Loaded Oats, and more recently to their latest product, Real Food Bar Mix. We've launched a seasonal Gingerbread flavour, and the all new "Coconut in the Dark".

The little dudes are super happy.