Hand Maiden & Fleece Artist B2B Branding


As two consumer brands run out of the same parent company, it only made sense to create shared language for use with their direct customers— yarn shops. Borrowing elements from each public brand, but brought together in new ways, the B2B branding is both familiar and distinct.

Using only black to allow the individual brands and product colours to shine and simultaneously save on production costs, the brand is used for shipping boxes, a cross-selling retailer wholesale ordering site, e-newsletters, price sheets and new product sample packs.

Kerr Group / Northern BI Logos


Kerr Global was founded from a business need at Frontier Technologies, another Kerr Group company, for fleet tracking information. Born out of necessity, the naming and brand was largely unplanned. With several years under its belt, a great value proposition and a growing client list, it became time to relaunch the company with a stronger focus. Kerr worked with Alexandra Orozco of Earthlogic on brand positioning and naming, and Rarebird was brought in to turn that great work into a visual expression. The goal was to balance a blue chip feel with a modern, technologically savvy company that simplifies complex problems.

At the same time, we were asked to refine the Kerr Group logo, so that it sat comfortably with both Northern BI and Frontier Technologies. The approach was to present Kerr Group as the strong, quiet, reassuring backer for both companies.

Much like you might see the hidden ‘N’ in the symbol, Northern BI sees the important information in the data.

Sunsel Rebrand


Owned and run by two guys who just love technical products and create their own cool technology, Sunsel obviously needed to reflect their passion and drive in their brand.

Having built Sunsel into a local success story, our job was to reflect who they’d become 10 years later, a company ready to expand beyond its loyal word-of-mouth regional market.

The answer? “Bring us what’s next.”
A bold call to action and statement of what gets them up in the morning.

We furthered the messaging to build on their core strengths of being equipped, committed, and expert, which are implicitly three legs of a stool.

Visual language was kept nicely restrained to balance the bold language and promote their assured capability and stability. A heavy use of white space, in combination with multiple square cropped images (referencing the coming together of the project elements), balances manufacturing complexity with the confidence they provide their clients.