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Fleece Artist Brand


Started over 35 years ago, Fleece Artist has always kept its Nova Scotian salt-of-the-earth values: being close to your source and your customer, ensuring good quality and providing fair value.


Cameron Jantzen: Creative Direction and Design
Kate McKeon: Illustration
Anna Ramsay: Web Design
Lizane Tan: Design and Production
David Lewis: Web Development



Completed: September 2013

The revised branding retains the logotype from the previous version while reimagining the original ram's head, and telling a Fleece Artist story on the interior of the label –setting the stage. The blue/grey sits beautifully against any combination of colours in the skein, and heralds the beginning of a full update of communication materials. Branding is carried out in the Fleece Artist website and in the knitting patterns that embrace the warm crafted character of its yarns.