Rarebird is a boutique brand strategy and design firm offering services primarily to entrepreneurial owner-operators, from brand new start-ups to large, well established businesses. Our clients range in size from a staff of 2 to 50+. We transform ownership’s vision and passion into powerful brand expressions of beliefs and benefits, propelling companies to new heights.

Rarebird’s social and pro-bono efforts are focussed on local community building, with organizations such as Switch Halifax, Common Roots Urban Farm, and Halifax Placemaking.

Who We Are

Rarebird is collaborative and expert-oriented in nature, subscribing to the modern idea that you build a team of top talent around the project needs, rather than shoehorn a project to your available skill set. At the same time, we know the value of collaborative partnerships, and have a core team of constant collaborators.


Rarebird follows a process of distillation, discovering a brand’s core elements. These form the basis of the brand as it grows and develops, ensuring it remains cohesive and true: