Iris Pro Photo Booth Brand


Rarebird was tasked with creating a brand language for a Millenial target market promoting ‘a professional product for serious use’ while emphasizing the actual product as ‘a fun and easy activity’. In addition, the booth (originally designed in a cylindrical format as shown below) must stand out in crowded and visually busy malls and university campus common spaces.

Use of a 5 step process illustration, with key words to quickly gain understanding is a key brand element on booth and in marketing materials. We also focussed energy on re-engineering the in-booth user experience and UI to ensure ease-of-use and promote recommendations.

Take Out Nova Scotia


Take Out Nova Scotia was a local startup working to build a network of restaurants connecting restaurants and people hungry for takeout with an easy to use interface. Unfortunately the project was cut short due to owner relocation.

We’re still proud of the design work, with the logo featuring the diner-ization of the Nova Scotia Shield of Arms, both in colour and form. We also worked with them to to visually simplify the site and make it easy to use.

Mindful Magazine Website

Rarebird collaborated with Elephant Design and Mindful’s Creative and Web Marketing team, leading the site design and skin using a robust theme – Motive. Our job was to pull in elements of the print and digital magazines and bring to life a complex and nuanced set of hierarchical elements. The goal was to drastically simplify the site structure, feature the magazine (but not specific print articles), and encourage sharing, engagement, and of course, build magazine subscriptions. Since the site relaunch, monthly page visits have more than doubled.

Hand Maiden Fine Yarn Brand


In developing a labelling system for a hand dyeing company selling high end yarns for knitters, we strove to reflect the tactility of the yarn and include a process like theirs, with an organic nature. For stock we picked a real felt paper, and to match the irregularity, we created large areas of thermography which provides an organic final result.

Check out our tags featured on For Print Only.

The Hand Maiden website was designed to highlight the subtle characteristics of each yarn and the luscious colours they’re dyed in.

Hand Maiden & Fleece Artist B2B Branding

As two consumer brands run out of the same parent company, it only made sense to create shared language for use with their direct customers— yarn shops. Borrowing elements from each public brand, but brought together in new ways, the B2B branding is both familiar and distinct.

Using only black to allow the individual brands and product colours to shine and simultaneously save on production costs, the brand is used for shipping boxes, a cross-selling retailer wholesale ordering site, e-newsletters, price sheets and new product sample packs.

Sunsel Rebrand


Owned and run by two guys who just love technical products and create their own cool technology, Sunsel obviously needed to reflect their passion and drive in their brand.

Having built Sunsel into a local success story, our job was to reflect who they’d become 10 years later, a company ready to expand beyond its loyal word-of-mouth regional market.

The answer? “Bring us what’s next.”
A bold call to action and statement of what gets them up in the morning.

We furthered the messaging to build on their core strengths of being equipped, committed, and expert, which are implicitly three legs of a stool.

Visual language was kept nicely restrained to balance the bold language and promote their assured capability and stability. A heavy use of white space, in combination with multiple square cropped images (referencing the coming together of the project elements), balances manufacturing complexity with the confidence they provide their clients.

Fleece Artist Brand


The revised branding retains the logotype from the previous version while reimagining the original ram’s head, and telling a Fleece Artist story on the interior of the label –setting the stage. The blue/grey sits beautifully against any combination of colours in the skein, and heralds the beginning of a full update of communication materials.

Branding is carried out in the Fleece Artist website and in the knitting patterns that embrace the warm crafted character of its yarns.

Bicycle Nova Scotia Tourism Maps


Working with Bicycle Nova Scotia and Nova Scotia Tourism Association, our task was to create a cohesive branded experience for a range of brochures. Each region a deserved a distinct destination feel and individual experience. As a new offering, we wanted to imbue the program with a reassurance of quality, while providing specific and highly usable cycling content.

The maps stand out to the degree that auto drivers have been picking them up for their own purposes. Hopefully a few of them go multi-modal.

Mineville Wool Project

Combining a looseness in the icon with careful type sizing and spacing, the Mineville Wool Project brand creates a sense of intimacy for an online project while confirming a focus on top quality yarns. The website was designed to be product forward with ease of shopping the top priority.

Andra Motion Focus


Launching a revolutionary product on a tight four month timeline, including product and booth build, Rarebird pulled together a compelling brand strategy that addressed DSLR users, 1st ACs, DOPs/Directors and Producers, using three benefit pillars: creativity, accuracy and efficiency. The brand was built for ‘gearheads’ who need products that won’t let them down on four brand principles: innovative, user friendly, robust and trustworthy.

This year, after months of continued development and feedback from testers, Andra returns to NAB 2015 with a new product, the Arc Elite and with stronger and more intuitive interface graphics.